Motivationsrede heute für unserer Abschlussschüler der 8. Klasse

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Das ist Birgits Motivationsrede heute für unserer Abschlussschüler der 8. Klasse ( geschrieben von meinem Ghostwriter Mike):

Dear Diani Beach School Kids

You all have come a long way! Some of you have not even shunned to go the extra mile and, with determination and perseverance, decided to take extra tuition, such as holiday and evening classes to get where you are today.
I, Mama Watoto, am so very proud of EACH ONE of you.

Now you have a great weekend and week ahead of you: Just like the caterpillar on its way to "Butterflydom", eventually biting its way out of the protective cocoon, then fluttering out on his yet tender wings to grace the world with its beauty and then....straight off to the nearest flower for its nectar supply, you too are going to bite your way through this upcoming exam and come out on top as winners who, after the holidays, will be on their way to becoming even bigger winners in secondary school.

Always bear in mind: we all are here on God's earth to make this world a better place.
You can make this world a better place by bringing it the BEST you have to give: YOURselves!!!
Nevermind a few occasional bumps in the road, make a habit of going the extra mile in life and do more than what's expected of you: it's always better to under-promise and then to over-deliver. Give your fellow pilgrims in life the works !!!
Never settle for second-best:
each day STRIVE to make the best you have to give, that is yourselves, even better:
Know what you want in life and then make a habit of going for the crown: do desire, DO WANT to be a better and more knowledgeable person, STRIVE for personal growth and self-improvement in everything you do, do good and do what is right each day. Thus with God's help you will prevail in life, respected and loved by your community.
Your families and I are proud of YOU, walk your head up high like winners DO. You worked hard and not just a bit,-
You are fit, NOW GO FOR IT!
Let the First Kid raise his/her flag
and win the secondary school bag!

With my warmest wishes for your future,
Your Mama Watoto,
Keep in touch!

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